• Outdoor photo shoot (2 hours average, minimum 20 retouched digitals)
    • Single
    • Couples
    • Families
  • Headshots only (1 hour, 6 retouched digitals)
    • Outdoor/Studio for
        • Actor
        • Model
        • Corporate
        • Resume
        • Etc
  • Maternity (2 hours average, minimum 20 retouched digitals)

  • Newborn/babies (Session with parents included, 2 hours average not including feeding and changing time etc, minimum 20 retouched digitals)

  • Parties/event (2-4 hours depending on request)

Add ons
1. Professional makeup
2. Prints - canvas, frame, photobook album (Click here to see my Portfolio Book as sample)
I offer affordable printing options - any kind of album you want at the price offered by the printer and you only need to pay for my service for designing and ordering.

  • ONE TO ONE photography class/lesson in Busan
    • I also like to extend to aspiring photographers theory lessons, coaching and practical.  If you feel overwhelmed with numbers and photography jargon I can help you either get started or pick up from wherever you need to further on and stop until you gain your own confidence.  I make photography easy and fun and suggest the right gears for your purpose right now and in the future.  

Contact me for rates today.

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Busan Birth

Busan Birth
Busan Birth is a free service linking families in Busan with their choices in pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and postpartum care.

Also featured in

Also featured in
For expectant couples, make your experience easier with support from Morning Calm Birthing. Special rate for photoshoot with their recommendation.

About Me

About Me
Hello, I am Laura and a photographer in Busan, South Korea. Making beautiful portraits of people is my long time dream and passion. My works include working with singles, couples, families, children, babies and birthdays. Let me help you create lasting memories. 안녕하세요. 저는 로라라고 부산에 사진 작가 입니다. 저의 오랜 꿈과 그리움은 사람들의 아름다운 사진을 찍는 것입니다. 솔로와 커플과 가족과 어린이든의 사진을 찍을수 있습니다. 영원한 기억을 만들어 드릴게요.


For inquiries call 010-68691756 (Busan, South Korea) or PM/DM at